Wrestling Like It Otta Be!

I Wanna Go Pro - Eddy Brock

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Starring: Chasyn Rance, Lane Hartley, Eddy Brock, Big D

It takes a real man to pull off the color pink, and Eddy Brock is a tough, toned, pink-haired man. Only twenty-five years old, and full of youthful optimism, this brave bruiser boasts a powerful chest, chiseled features, and a frame covered in intricate body art...and he wants to tussle with the pros.
Z-Man, Lane Hartley, and Big-D are swapping stories by the ring when the young pup struts right up to the guys like a boastful little brother, proudly showing off what he claims is his newly earned pro card.
"That`s right. I`m one of you guys now," he beams, clearly longing to join their elite crew. The guys are unconvinced, ripping the false card to shreds, tossing the kid into the ring, and commencing to give him the best, biggest, most brilliant beating of his life.
Big-D stomps around the ring in his trademark black and white, high gloss boots, all while taunting and tormenting Brock for lying about having a real pro card.
"Tell me that you`re a liar!" Big-D roars before locking the the lad in a bone crushing scissor hold.
But this is not a total squash job. Brock manages to fight his way out of Big-D`s painful holds and get in a few good hits of his own in a fight where a massive height difference ought to determine the champion. At times Brock is even able to use Big-D`s great size against him, locking the beefy brute in some tightly held armlocks. Boston crab...pile drivers...and one of the longest, most agonizingly painful camel clutches we`ve ever seen.
Lane Hartley is all fists and fury, as he follows up Big-D`s brutal bashing. Hartley punches and pounds the bewildered liar. Hartley and Brock make a more even match, but the fake pro seems unprepared for Hartley`s special brand of torment. These two guys really whale on each other, so much so that the guy who walks away is most definitely hurting.
At last the lad gets his pro card, and it`s time to test it out...
The final fight features charismatic Chasyn Rance, fifteen years a pro, who comes at the kid with an almost protective, big-brotherly air of knowledge and appreciation. He even offers to get Brock hooked up with pro boots and trunks. All too soon these hard-bodied badasses are locking up. Only this time around the guys dig into each other with an almost polite, gentlemanly rivalry. Headlocks, arm ringers, arm bars, skilled reversals, and a long-held bear hug feature in this ferocious, dialogue driven fight to the finish. Wait until you see the Rance`s epic original move, the "Chasyn-driver".
Three very different beatings in one vid!