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Welcome to Cyberfights...  From our cyber studios in Hollywood, Vancouver, and Boston - we bring you North America's top up 'n comers in top notch matches.  We scour the USA and Canada for the newest, brightest, and toughest pro wrestlers, delivering them to you here. New matches are added every day. Your membership to Cyberfights features:

Over 6838 Hi-Rez images with additional galleries added daily.
Over 1111 Video Clips with new clips of past, present and future releases added daily.
Full access to Fighter profiles and detailed listing of all matches available..

New video clips and photo galleries added daily... every day... all 365 of them.  All content is organized by video title offering all clips and photo galleries associated with each title in one easy place.  Additionally you can search by model and enjoy all video clips and photo galleries systemwide from each model on one summary page. Stream and watch as often as you want or download any clips you want directly to your computer for a small additional fee. A large selection of full movies are also available to downlaod directly to your computer. You do not need to have a paid membership to use this new feature. Just register a free account, buy a block of download credits and shop for available titles using the DOWNLOAD option on the main menu.


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The New Clips section has plenty of video clips to keep you satisfied. Every day we add more clips for your viewing pleasure... clips from new unreleased productions, clips from current titles, and clips from past features. All of these video clips are added as part of your membership, no additional fees.

Only members will be able to watch new feature clips from new productions that have yet to be released. There are currently hundreds of clips available and growing. Each of these clips is at least 10 minutes in length. Check out the quality of the Tour clips and then select the option to go full screen. Absolutely amazing quality! Our more recent productions from the past few years are in HD quality. Earlier productions are still excellent.

Note that ALL video clips will play on most devices, both computers and mobile such as IPhone, IPad, IPod, etc. Also, we offer ALL clips in HD where available. You will enjoy smooth video broadcasts!

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    Cyberfights 149: Belt Battles

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    Mikey Henderson takes squashboy Tony Hemlock under his wi [more]

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    It's class versus trash as the undefeated Jimi V. tak [more]