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  • Cyberfight 55: Paul Lazenby VS Grunt - MAX Trailer Added: 11-04-2019

    CyberFights is proud to feature Canadian Super Heavyweigh [more]

  • Cyberfight 54: Scotty Mac VS Mikey Henderson - MAX Trailer Added: 11-03-2019

    Scotty Mac exploded on the CyberFights scene in CF50.. an [more]

  • Punished and Sleepered 5 Added: 10-31-2019


  • Cyberfight 53: Arden Craig VS Travis Lee - MAX Trailer Added: 10-27-2019

    The Canada/USA grudge matches continue. This time fan fav [more]

  • Cyberfight 52: Johnny Handsome VS Ricky Rage - MAX Trailer Added: 10-25-2019

    The "Chemical Cowboys" are back and ready to ru [more]

  • Cyberfight 51: Mikey Henderson VS Fade - MAX Trailer Added: 10-23-2019

    The Canadians are chomping at the bit to dethrone Mikey H [more]

  • Cyberfight 50: Scotty Mac VS Jä Jakobe - MAX Trailer Added: 10-22-2019

    "Mikey Henderson, there's a new sheriff in town! [more]

  • Cyberfight 48: Travis & Mikey VS Ricky & Johnny - MAX Trailer Added: 10-08-2019

    The first match from our new Canadian studios, pits Mikey [more]

  • Cyberfight 47: Keiji Sakoda VS Smelly - MAX Trailer Added: 10-07-2019

     Smelly vows to "bring the pain, and leave a st [more]