Wrestling Like It Otta Be!

I'll Make You Suffer 13

  • Video
Starring: Jimmy Jacobs,Will Ferrara
Jimmy Jacobs is talking trash again, this time to burly, classic beefcake Will Ferrara.

“It’s fucking ponderous...fucking puzzling that you’d be here!” barks Jacobs, who offers Ferrara a choice of going to get sushi, or getting the fuck beat outta him. Ferrara doesn’t choose soon enough, and Jacobs dives into the punishing business of beating the fuck outta Ferrara. Unfortunately for him, Ferrara is a perfect match for the compact trash talker, and their bodies blend like drops of water, twisting, gripping, rolling, and squeezing in steamy bearhugs and red-hot Boston-crabs. It’s a slick give-and-take fracas between two evenly matched combatants who are drawn to each other’s pain like masochistic magnets!