Wrestling Like It Otta Be!

I'll Make You Suffer 12

  • Video
Starring: Brian Rich,Jeremy Prophet
Jeremy Prophet is a big, beefy, Sampson-like brawler with a disarmingly sweet smile. Brian Rich is wiry, sinewy, slim, and undeniably demented in his delivery. He regularly walks up to bigger dudes and challenges them with trash talk and initiating attacks. Prophet is all too pleased to give him the fight of his life, echoing his every punch, hold, handgag, and dirty tactic with one of his own.

Rich fights with a primal, almost animal-like rage and instinct. He clamps his armpit over Prophet’s face, slides his hands all over him in a show of ownership, only to be slapped, crushed, and lifted in agonizing, gravity-defying holds. Rich seems to draw the animal out of the otherwise orthodox Prophet...each combatant growing meaner, rougher, and more brutal with each exchange. Can Prophet tame the wild animal? Or will Rich’s demented fisticuffs bring down the Prophet?