Wrestling Like It Otta Be!

I'll Make You Suffer 11

  • Video
Starring: Gregory Edwards,Rhett Titus
Hardbodied athletes fighting hard, flying through the air, striving to make one another suffer? Fuck yeah! It doesn’t get any better than this! Rhett Titus, that long-haired, bearded, rumble-voiced lumberjack of a man stands straight and tall in all his wolf-like, muscular glory. Yellow lycra hugs that epic ass and impressive package, his impressive shaft and balls ever-visible, casting shadows upon the well-lit, glossy yellow of his trunks. His opponent is equally muscular and powerfully skilled Gregory Edwards, who sports a similarly ass-hugging, package emphasizing pair of speedos in deep purple. This battle starts with dual grins as the undeniable heat between them makes sweat drip down taut necks and flawless backs ...these guys know what’s about to happen, and it’s gonna be good.

They waste no time in tearing one another apart. The initial lockup brings both men crashing to the floor in a series of holds too fast and complicated to break down. Edwards gains the advantage, trapping Titus’ head between ripped thighs and performing a set of pushups while Titus struggles for release in an accidentally erotic shaming that leaves one wrestler moaning and another crowing with cocky victory.

Titus gains the upperhand, but only for a moment, as this fast-moving match once again brings him to his back, then back to his knees, in an unintentional posture of supplication, where Edwards exacts a special sort of punishment on the lean lycan’s chin and luscious hair in a brutal hair-pulling camel clutch that sees muscular thighs framing sweat-streaked back muscles in an undulating, rhythmic showing of dominance!

These guys toss each other around like bales of hay, force themselves up from the floor with tremendous lower body strength, wrench themselves free from impossible grips, holds, and pins, and spin one another around like helicopter propellers.

If muscular powerhouses suffering in the ring is what hardens your cock, you got it in this fast-paced feature from visionary director Cameron Matthews!