Wrestling Like It Otta Be!

I'll Make You Suffer 6

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Starring: Jimmy Jacobs,Kharn Alexander
Darkly handsome Jimmy Jacobs is a full-time badass, or so he thinks, with his fuchsia hair highlights, chain necklace, and jagged nipple piercings. He's unintentionally sexy, dripping confidence and a bold, erotic fighting style. He's no giant, but he fights like one. Only today he just wants to spar.

Pirate-prince Kharn Alexander saunters into the crimson ring, a masculine marvel with tats adorning his rock-solid arms and shoulders, while his manhood is gloriously emphasized by a pair of glossy, leathery trunks that draw almost as much attention as his impressive upper body and impossible good looks. The swarthy stud is late, and something in Jacobs' eyes tells us he'll have to pay.

The battle begins with a fair exchange of power and strength, until Alexander gets a little too rough. It seems Jacobs had planned on something more like an exhibition and less combative.

A finger-lock strength test goes too far when Alexander catches Jacobs in the face again. This time, Jacobs is done, planting his foot square in Alexander's abs. Soon fists are flying, bodies too. Alexander helps himself to a handful of Jacobs' hair, after first muscling him into a punishing camel clutch. Jacobs resorts to biting, stomping, and cranking Alexander's head backwards in an unnatural bend before choking him with his own tattooed arm.

These guys hold nothing back, physical or verbal, the fight is on, as they curse and roll and punch, twisting ears, stomping fingers, and standing over each other in alternating postures of total dominance.

"I'm gonna fuck you up!" Alexander roars.

"You're gonna fuck me up?" Jacobs challenges. "So fuck me up! Fuck me up!"

Practically begging for it, Alexander lifts the fuchsia-haired pussyboy into the air, only to be punished with the roughest crotch abuse imaginable. Jacobs further humiliates the bigger man, grinding his face into the mat, while the well-muscled stud fights and struggles with well-defined thighs thrashing against the floor in a position that makes you wish Jacobs would just fuck him and get it over with.

"What happened to just wanting to spar?" demands Alexander.

"That went out the window when you started being a cock-sucker!" shouts Jacobs, locking his legs around Alexander's legs in a vicious scissor hold.

Watching these guys fight is a privilege. To reveal the champion of this match would be to rob you of the pleasure of living the victory for yourself, but we will tell you one man practically passes out, only to have his very eyes attacked. The loser is ground into the floor in a heap of panting humiliation.