Wrestling Like It Otta Be!


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Starring: Eddy Brock,Flex Steele,ZMan
"Traffic!" says Eddy Brock, defending himself for being late, as he rolls into the ring in a blur of bright pink hair. It takes a real man to have pink hair, but Flex Steele`s not impressed.

Steele`s been waiting too long. Now the muscular micro man and the pink-haired comedian are going to lock horns! No time to stretch. No time to trash talk. These men are getting down to business. These pro studs are ripped and raring to go.

All too soon Brock`s tattooed torso is flat on the mat, while Steele is straddling him. But Brock is quick, struggling his way to freedom. These guys are remarkably well-matched, as they roll around exchanging bitchy banter and truly grapple for greatness.

Brock slams Steele into a backbreaker, that morphs into a body slam that leaves the muscle man breathless. All too soon he finds himself in a cruel camel clutch with Brock twisting his head like a bottle cap.

"Let me out!" Steele cries.

"Shut the fuck up!" Brock taunts.

Steele finds his strength for just a moment, standing up and lifting a surprised Brock off the floor, but only for a moment. In a flash he finds himself trapped between the tattooed prince`s thighs, a move that morphs into brutal arm bar, and the evolution of the combo doesn`t stop there.

You wouldn`t believe to look at meaty, muscular Steele that his body could be twisted into so many compromising positions. Brock yanks Steele`s arm behind his own back and proceeds to rev his wrist like a motorcycle until the red-faced, sweating victim is literally begging for release.

But this is no squash job. Steele finds his metal, powering through and trapping Brock in a few prize combinations of his own, including a serious leg scissor/sleeper hold that will have you seeing stars.

Cyberfights favorite Z-man is next to take on Steele. This handsome hunk has a sexy, scrappy fighting style, killer abdominal definition, and a way of grinning through the pain. Within seconds after these two studs lock up, Z-man finds himself bent over Steele`s knee, fighting for his life. Elbows plough into perfect abs, before Steele effortlessly lifts Z-man off the floor and hurls him around the ring as if he weighs nothing at all.

If you like seeing muscular guys go flying through the air, this is the match for you. Z-man is powerless against Steele`s powerful build, unless he`s putting on the pain by clamping down on the meathead`s neck, or wrenching his arm behind his back.

Both guys reach new levels of fury over the frustrating fight. Both are slapped around, slammed, sleepered, and stunned. At one point Z-man becomes an animal, straight up attacking Steele`s massive pecks in a desperate effort to come out on top.

By the time this match ends, the word "submit" never sounded so sweet! Two tight matches, by pro wrestling superstars. A flawless combination of strength and strategy, worth watching again and again.